SALEM -- A psychiatric patient serving time for manslaughter escaped from the Oregon State Hospital in Salem Saturday, authorities said.

Matthew Ingle, 21, was sentenced in 2009 to 20 years at the hospital after being found guilty except for insanity on two counts of second-degree manslaughter stemming from a Clackamas County DUII crash.

In the 2009 incident, Ingle crashed into a car driven by Pamela Benson, of Eagle Creek while driving under the influence of marijuana, anti-depression medication and anti-psychotic medication. Pamela was killed in the crash, along with her 11-year-old daughter, Clarice.

Ingle was still inside the warning window for impairment when he got behind the wheel, and investigators said the marijuana that he had reportedly smoked two hours earlier compounded the effect of the drugs.

In his escape Saturday, Ingle was on a supervised walk with patients and staff when he ran ahead of the group and jumped into a waiting car, according to Rebeka Gipson-King with Oregon Health Authority.

Hospital officials said Ingle had earned the right to join the walking group.

No one is allowed outside of the hospital's secure perimeter without going through an extensive risk review process, a hospital spokeswoman told KGW in a phone interview Monday.

Hospital officials described Ingle as 5'11 , 182 lbs., with brown hair and hazel eyes. He last seen wearing blue jeans, a dark shirt and a white hat. Police warned that he should not be approached.

Anyone who sees Ingle was urged to call OSP at (800) 452-7888.

He was reported missing at about 9:30 a.m., Saturday.

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