PORTLAND - Check your basement, garage, maybe even your kitchen. The hunt is on for Oregon's oldest refrigerator.

Energy Trust of Oregon kicked off its first ever Oldest Fridge contest. Throughout the month of September, people can sign up to participate. Energy Trust will come to your home, pick up your old refrigerator, and give you $50.


But that's not all. The owner of the oldest fridge picked up will get $1,000 towards a new energy-efficient one.

Fridges built in the 1990s or earlier are wasting up to $200 a year in operation costs, which is a ton compared to today s models, which are more efficient and only use about $40 in energy costs, said Lizzie Rubado with Energy Trust of Oregon.

Every one picked up will be brought to Jaco Environmental Inc., a recycling facility with one purpose.

We destroy refrigerators, facility manager Herman Marioth said. We bring them in and take all that s bad in them, explained

The appliances are first drained of oil and refrigerant then sawed and torn apart. Nearly early every part of the fridge will be put to good use.

I would say 95 percent of it is recycled at least, said Marioth.

Since 2008 Energy Trust of Oregon has recycled more than 47,000 refrigerators. That means more than $2 million in energy savings.

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