PORTLAND -- Former Duck and pro quarterback Joey Harrington hopes his Harrington Family Foundation can help needy children statewide, and he made big plug for bike safety Monday.

He was at KINK's Concert for Kids Monday night, a foundation fundraiser for the foundation and the first appearance of Portland group Portugal. The Man since their equipment was stolen in Chicago last week.

He addressed in particular, the fallout from being hit from behind by a car while cycling two weeks ago near SE 88th and Division.

He promoted the sales of Duck-themed bicycle helmets from local company Nutcase. Each Duck-themed purchase will create a donation to the foundation, which will provide helmets and safety lessons for needy kids.

You get kids started at a young age being safe on the street riding their bikes, it's something they can continue on, he said.

KGW's Matt Zaffino asked Harrington if Nutcase made Beavers helmets.

Harrington eyeroll.

They make a Beaver helmet. Even Beavers need to be safe too, he said.

How does he feel after the accident.

I'm doing all right, he said, Everything was contained to ribs and collarbone and lung, was all up in this area. It's a pretty small portion of my body that's hurting. But I can get around fine. It's just teaching Jack my little guy that daddy's got a boo boo and I can't quite pick you up right now.

How did the hit from a car compare with an NFL hit?

I was laying in the ER. I'm in the neck brace on the board and just saying 'get me out of here, Harrington said. I kinda whispered to one of the trauma docs, 'I played four years in Detroit. I can handle a car. Let's get this thing moving.

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