PORTLAND -- Portland is step closer to a city-wide curbside composting plan, but not without controversy.

Mayor Sam Adams proposed the idea last Friday.It would have Portlanders put food scraps into a plastic container in their homes, then dump that into their yard waste bin.

The yard waste bin would be picked up every week and garbage pickup would be reduced from weekly to every other week.

Two thousand Portlanders took part in a pilot program to test the feasibility of the plan.

At Wednesday s Portland City Council meeting, supporters and opponents addressed the plan. Steve Lipsey s family took part in the pilot program. He said that composting wasn t difficult.

There is literally zero-impact on me, just no impact, he said.

Opponents also spoke at the meeting, including Eric Fruits, wholives in Southeast Portland.

In the winter, it s going to be full of leaves and then I have to take the Thanksgiving turkey and put that on top? That might not work so well, Fruits said.

There were also concerns raised about the added cost for residents.

Fruits complained that people would be forced to pay extra for a larger bin to handle their trash. But the mayor's office disputed that. Also part of the plan - garbage would be picked up every other week instead of every week.

The council was scheduled to vote on the plan at its August 17meeting. Ifthe planpasses, the new composting rules could go into effect by the end of October.

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