As the temperatures rise so does our water use, and with water rates going up in Portland it could be an expensive summer.

But now, cutting down those bills is easier than ever.

Sara Tingey replaced all her faucets with water efficient ones to save water and money.

If it helps out ... it s very little effort on our parts, said Sara.

According to Energy Trust of Oregon that daily shower many of us take can waste up to 2,300 gallons of water a year.

One of the biggest water wasting culprits in your home is the shower, Said Lizzie Rubado with Energy Trust of Oregon.

Replacing just one old shower head with a water efficient one can save rate payers nearly $50 a year.

So how do you know if you need a replacement? It s called a bucket test.

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Put a bucket under your shower head, turn it on, and see how much water you get in 30 seconds. If you get a gallon or more, you are wasting water. We put a four-year old supposedly water-efficient shower head to the test and found that it wasn't all that efficient.

After thirty seconds, we've got a gallon and a half of water which means this uses three gallons per minute, explained Rubado.

But when we switched out that old shower head for a new energy efficient one and did the same 30 second test we got only three-quarters of a gallon. That was half the amount we got from the old shower head.

So we are going to be spending less on energy ... half as much on energy for our showers and half as much on our water bill for our showers, said Rubado.

To help customers save water and money Energy trust of Oregon has teamed with several retailers across the state to offer discounts on water efficient shower heads.

It s a push to get folks to save water and save their money from going down the drain.

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