BEND, Ore. -- A Bend, Oregon, veterinarian performed life-saving CPR on an injured bald eagle that had been hit by a car.

Dr. Jeff Cooney, a volunteer veterinarian at Bend Veterinary clinic, was perform physical therapy on the bird when it stopped breathing. The eagle, named Patriot began breathing again after mouth to beak resuscitation.

Photos: Jeff Cooney performs CPR and physical therapy for 'Patriot'

The injured eagle was dropped off on Cooney's doorstep June 20, after it had been hit by a car near Crane Prairie Reservoir. Patriot had suffered spinal trauma and a broken wing, and both legs were paralyzed.

Nearly a month later, Cooney was amazed by Patriot's progress.

To see him now, standing at least on one leg and using his paralyzed leg with the special booty on it to support his weight, Cooney said, it's remarkable.

Originally we had to force-feed him to get him to eat, and to see him standing like a real eagle, tearing up fish, is a real recovery for him, Cooney added. He's also getting his Bald Eagle Attitude back, which is a good sign.

Cooney said it was unlikely that Patriot would fly again, but he might be strong enough to live at a wild bird center within a few months.

Patriot's medical procedures had totaled more than $4,000, and donations to help cover the bils were being accepted at Sunriver Nature Center and Bend Veterinary Clinic.


Photos from Jeannette Bonomo KTVZ-TV

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