PORTLAND -- The Portland Water Bureau has drained the MtTabor reservoir and crews were working to scrub it clean Tuesday, after a man was caught urinating in the city's water supply.

The reservoir contained eight million gallons of water and it will cost the city about $33,000 to clean it.

A Molalla man's drunken mistake on June 15 led to the city's controversial decision to drain and clean the reservoir. Josh Seater, 21, confessed to committing the prank in a drunken stupor after he was arrested by security guards and caught on surveillance video.

The water bureau decided to drain the drinking water, even though there was not a health risk. This, despite dead animals and other objects appearing in the reservoirs often without any such action taken.

There probably isn't a whole lot of difference, explained David Shaff, the Water Bureau's Administrator. I think part of it is just that general yuck factor of 'yes, we have birds on their all the time but we don't have people peeing in it all the time.'

Background: City defends dumping urine-tainted water

The Mt Tabor reservoir will be refilled as early as Friday, depending on what is found inside, according to Sarah Bott, a spokesperson for the Portland Water Bureau.

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