PORTLAND -- The investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman continues in earnest with the addition of FBI behavioral experts, Sheriff Dan Staton told Multnomah County Commissioners Thursday.

The county cost of the investigation has hit $1.4 million. Staton said the advantage of having FBI help is that the county doesn't have to pay for it.

The local costs include experts hired for cell tower and cell phone expertise, a private behavioral specialist and an information technology specialist, he said.

About $100,000 of the cost has been for overtime, he said. Of the $1.4 million, about $800,000 has been accumulated in the current budget year.

He pointed that the extensive search and rescue efforts, nearly 20,000 hours worth, were done by unpaid volunteers.

The belief is that we are moving forward in this investigation, he said, and the investigation continues very strongly.

He said there would be an assessment of the effort in June if no suspects have been identified or there has not been an arrest.

That critique would come a year after the boy's disappearance from Skyline Elementary School.

In response to a query on whether the investigation was still on track, Multnomah County deputy district attorney Rod Underhill said yes.

The goal, he said was to create a case that is provable in a court of law to a standard of reasonable doubt. It is the highest standard available, relative to prosecution.

Staton said investigators have followed 4,318 leads, 3,500 interviews have been done and there are 66 binders full of information about the case.

All 490 people who were at Skyline have been interviewed. The 54 vehicles in the school parking lot have been identified and their owners interviewed, he said.

The 7-year-old Skyline Elementary student disappeared from the school on Friday, June 4, 2010.

Kyron's step-mom Terri-Moulton Horman, had brought him to participate in a science fair and was the last person known to have seen him. While she has not been labeled a suspect, much of the investigation has focused on her and her whereabouts that day.

No suspects have been named in the case. She and Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, are in the midst of a contentious divorce.

Earlier this month, rescuers and seven cadaver search dogs combed remote parts of Northwest Portland.

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