PORTLAND -- A 4.3 earthquake Monday morning near Mt. St. Helens was felt as far south as West Linn.

The quake at 10:35 was followed by a smaller one about two minutes later and third about 11:35.

Emergency dispatchers from Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania counties all got calls reporting the quake, but no reports of any damage.

Several residents of the area told KGW they felt the quake.

Doug Phillips lives near the Clark County Fairgrounds at I-5 and I-205 and said he felt the quake for 10 to 15 seconds.

Nate Boris said he felt it in Hood River. Viki in Kalama said her whole house was shaking. Renee Bell reported that the quake shook her computer table in West Linn.

Debby Southworth told KGW that I just felt a shift and my entire house shook. The wind chimes on my front porch chimed too.

A Northeast Portland resident said the shaking cause his portable DVD player to fall of the nightstand by his bed. Tammara Pelletier of Astoria said she felt the quake in her apartment complex.

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