One week after the death of Rainier police chief Ralph Painter, his community joined together in a city dinner to benefit his loved ones.

The cafeteria inside Rainier High School was full Wednesday night to raise funds for the Painter family.

It's been emotional with the ups and downs, said one woman as she looked at Painter's picture.

It's hit us really hard. We're devastated, but it's nice to see all of us here. We're pulling together, said Alison Dale-Moore, a Rainier resident.

Donations were collected at the door and a silent auction was held inside to ease the burden of mounting bills.

It's there to help them transition. It's tough, I mean he had seven kids, said Al Belanger as he collected entry donations of $5.00.

Painter meant a lot to the people of Rainier. They knew it when he was here and they recognize it even more now that he's gone. His legacy is much more than a mere police badge. Ralph Painter was a thread in his community's fabric, a stitch that held strong in life and now in death.

It's just a reconnection with the community, remembering that we are here together and how much he meant to us and how much we all mean to each other. It's reminder that all have a connection together even though we don't see each other every's great, said Karen Logan, a longtime resident.

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