PORTLAND The liquor license for downtown Portland s Club 915 has been suspended after bouncer Ruben Mata was killed outside the club Jan. 1.

The incident followed 18 other complaints of serious incidents, including fights, shots fired and drug offenses, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission reported Friday.

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The Portland Police Bureau had submitted an emergency request for suspension based on the history of problems at the club, located at 915 SW 2nd Ave.

After the suspension was issued Portland police released a statement in support of the OLCC decision.

Sgt. Pete Simpson said the bureau appreciates the collaborative effort and support of the OLCC to help make Downtown Portland a safer place.

He added, Officers from Central Precinct will continue to work proactively in the Downtown Entertainment District to ensure the existence of a safe environment.

There s a pattern of people getting hurt at this business, said OLCC s Linda Ignowski. We have worked closely with the owner to try to increase safety. Club 915 had a compliance plan to address these problems, but was not following the steps.

In November, a patron was ejected from the premises and not allowed back in to retrieve his hat and coat. He was found dead from hypothermia a few blocks away the next morning.

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At this point, she added, We believe that an immediate suspension of their liquor license is necessary to keep the public from further harm.

The first complaint listed in the OLCC report was an assault on a woman outside the club Jan. 24, 2010.

Police were called to the club for reports of shots fired March 13 and September 11 of last year. In another incident, someone was pepper sprayed and in yet another, 20 people were reportedly involved in a fight.

There were also multiple reports of stolen items, gang activity and drug use.

Click here to view the complete OLCC report.

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