AUMSVILLE, Ore. (AP) -- Aumsville families are in the long process of rebuilding after a rare tornado ripped the roofs of houses and sent trees crashing into yards and porches. Gov. Ted Kulongoski is working with state emergency managers to determine the level of aid to the storm zone.

Surveillance videos show the moments just before the tornado hit from inside two Aumsville businesses.

A camera inside an Aumsville gas station caught the dramatic moments just before the tornado hit.

Video:Gas station cam

An employee is seen in the video trying to hold the doors closed to avoid wind damage inside the station. Meanwhile, a patron looks out the window and sees the tornado about a half block away. At that moment, everyone inside decides to take cover in the back room.

Video:Diner cam

In another surveillance video, patrons of Aumsville bar The Squeeze Inn gather at the windows to see the storm approaching.

Everyone inside quickly decides to dive for cover underneath the tables and ride out the storm.

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