PORTLAND Kaine Horman spoke out in a press conference this week to clarify some of the more contentious points in the legal battle between him and his estranged wife, Terri Horman.

Horman said he wished Terri was still by his side and still helping in the search for their son, Kyron, who has been missing for nearly six months. Horman said he knows wishing doesn't make it so

But he added that he believes Terri had something to do with Kyron s disappearance.

This is the most difficult thing I've ever been through in my life, Horman said. His focus, even through the bitter divorce proceedings, is all about Kyron and his sister, and there should be no doubt about that.

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During the proceedings, Kaine accused Terri of drunkenness and of sending sexually explicit text messages to another man. He said he understands why some would consider that mudslinging, but he sees it differently.

Even the judge has stated that this is all about finding Kyron and bringing him home, Kaine said, and there should be nothing that prevents that or deters from that. This is definitely not deterring from it one bit

Kaine said he's focused on protecting the couple's daughter. He believes Terri has already caused more damage to the young girl then she'll ever be able to repair.

He said visitation rights for Terri would only hurt the girl more. I don't think she has any idea what it means to do something in the best interest of any child at this point, he added.

He also wanted to send a message to his son during the interview: Don't worry for a second. We're out here looking for you. And we just love you more than anything else.

Terri s attorney told KGW he is unable to comment on a pending legal matter.

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