PORTLAND, Ore. -- The divorce and child custody battle between Kaine Horman and Terri Moulton Horman took another turn Monday.

As first reported by The Oregonian, Kaine Horman on Monday asserted in court papers that Terri is seriously emotionally disturbed, and unfit to parent their daughter.

Read: Court filing (PDF) first reported on Friday that Kaine Horman filed papers opposing his estranged wife s visitation request, stating that he believed Terri Moulton Horman abducted and may have caused unimaginable harm to his son Kyron.

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The Friday filing was in response to efforts by Terri Moulton Horman to gain visitation to her young daughter.

KGW independently obtained a copy of Monday s court filing. In it, Kaine suggests their daughter may have witnessed some unimaginable act of horror on June 4, the day Kyron disappeared from Skyline Elementary. Kyron Horman was seven years old when he disappeared.

Monday's filing also included more explicit texts between Terri and Michael Cook, including photos she sent of her breasts and of her masturbating, and a text in which she wonders if she s going to get any ever again.

Kaine disputed Terri's claims that she was their child's primary caregiver, noting that he worked from home many days of the week, sayingTerri spent more time on the Internet than on parenting.

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Kaine also stated in the filing that it was common for Terri to be visibly impaired from alcohol, including slurred speech and a staggering gait.

Kaine states that Terri spent most nights sleeping on the living room couch with their young daughter, typically passed out from heavily drinking. Kaine also stated their young daughter was often up past midnight playing and/or watching TV. The court document states that their daughter Kiara would often be up and awake at 1 a.m. while Terri was asleep from alcohol.

In the court filing, Kaine also says Terri's behavior and actions focused primarily on her own appearance and needs, including leaving Kiara at the gym daycare for hours at a time while she worked out. Kaine also states in the filing that, at home, Terri spent an unhealthy amount of her time on the computer on Internet sites for social networking such as Facebook, body building sites, or on email.

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Kaine concluded: She spent more time on the computer than caring for the children.

I believe that any contact that Respondent (Terri) has with our daughter will be detrimental and will jeopardize her physical safety and emotional well-being.

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