PORTLAND -- The Where's Waldo suspect threw aside a backpack outside the Tualatin bank he was accused of robbing that contained a book instructing the finder to return it to him.

The revelation came in a police affidavit that said he used a demand note to ask for $2,000 in fives and tens, using a fake bomb to threaten a teller.

In the shrubbery near the bank, police officers located a backpack and a sweater believed to have been worn by the bank robber. Investigation at the scene determined that the sweater matched the exact description of the sweater worn by the bank robber. Inside the backpack was a book that when opened read, In case of loss, please return to: Ryan M. Homsley.

A quick check of the name with the mugshot of a prior arrest and the bank surveillance video identified Homsley as the suspect.

The demand note read, $2,000.00 in 1O's & 5's (no die pack or boom!). I have a bomb that will go off inside the bank; after I am gone I will disarm it. No funny moves and no arming the alarm. Thank you.

The teller tried best to comply, grabbing those denominations to hand over. They totaled $505. The teller activated the alarm when the robber fled outside.

He was arrested last Friday in a Eugene hospital and taken to the Lane County jail Saturday.

Homsley made his first court appearance Monday. Considered a flight risk, he remains behind bars.

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