PORTLAND Just hours after a Trimet driver was fired for distracted driving, the agency s safety task force heard harsh criticism.

I already know what the outcome is going to be of this task force. It's a joke, said David Sale, whose daughter, Danielle was hit and killed by a bus in April. He said TriMet needs to get serious about safety and so far in his opinion, they have not.

Wednesday, bus driver Lahcen Qouchbane was fired for using a Kindle electronic reader when a passenger recorded him driving through the Terwilliger Curves, posing an immediate threat to public safety.

The task force was created to avoid situations like this by finding ways to engage employees and make the roads safer for everyone.

Sale said he believes the culture of safety within TriMet needs to change, along with the attitudes of drivers.

Their attitude is, I drive a 40-foot bus. Get out of my way because I have passengers who are paying and I need to get where I'm going or I'm going to get in trouble if I don't get there on time. Sale said.

Sale said he also wants to see cameras installed in every TriMet vehicle and he also wants drivers themselves to hear from the families of people killed in TriMet accidents.

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