An outspoken TriMet bus driver is facing criticism, after a passenger accused him of being too distracted to drive because he's busy making a video for his personal blog.

Al Margulies has been a TriMet bus driver for 14 years and in that time, he has a stellar safety record.

But one Trimet passenger says videos Margulies has placed on his own personal website and Youtube show that he is a distracted driver.

A man holding a camera is interviewing Margulies at the same time the TriMet driver is behind the wheel. The video shows Marguiles' responding and driving at the same time.

He appears in several videos where he's distracted. said TriMet pasenger Marcus Griffith. Bus drivers should be respected, but he is not one of them.

The complaint has led to a new policy change.Soon bus drivers won't be filming on-camera interviews. But there are two sides to this story.

Margulies says he's a fantastic bus driver and the camera is not an issue.

The entire time I'm on the TriMet bus, I am moving my head, looking around, I am seeing people cut me off. There is no distraction taking place. said Margulies.

He also defends working on his blog during company time.

I'm a professional driver and I love blogging. In order to capture the reality (of he driving a bus) you want to see it in real life.

Margulies says the critics are people who just hate his blog. He says he's sick and tired of TriMet drivers being trashed in the media and by the public.

TriMet allows its employees to have personal websites, as long as they clearly don't represent themselves as a spokesperson for the agency.

It's great you want to blog. But while you are operating we'd like you to focus on driving the bus. said TriMet spokespserson Mary Fetsch.

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