MILWAUKIE -- Clackamas County Sheriff's officials said someone stole a rare and valuable 1954 Corvette roadster from a Milwaukie man's garage.

The car's owner, Emory Molchan, said he discovered the roadster missing on Tuesday.

It's like losing a kid, said Molchan. We don't have children so . . . it's my passion.

According to Molchan, there are only seven 1954 Corvette roadsters registered in Oregon, and he owns three of them.

Two of his Corvettes, including the stolen one, looked identical with white bodies, red leather interiors and white wall tires. Molchan said it took him about four years to restore the stolen car, which was worth about $100,000 dollars.

He said it had less than 500 miles on the odometer and was strictly a show car.

You're devastated, said Molchan. You don't know what happened to it, what someone's going to do with it, if you're going to get it back.

Clackamas County Sheriff's investigators were looking for the car, while Molchan wondered if he possibly knew the thief.

Investigators said whoever stole the Corvette, also tore off its OLD VET license plates before getting away. Molchan hoped the rest of the roadster was still in one piece and that anyone who recognized it would call police.

I'd love it, he said, fighting back tears. It's tough... it's really tough.

Anyone with information on the stolen 1954 Corvette roadster was asked to call the Clackamas County Sheriffs Office.

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