Multi-sport legend Steve Larsen, 39, died Tuesday night in Bend after collapsing while running.

"He was doing a track workout and he collapsed. They did CPR immediately and an ambulance arrived quickly, but they weren't able to save him," his friend Michael Nyberg is quoted in

Larsen rode professionally with the Motorola team and alongside Lance Armstrong early in his career, then went on to excel in mountain bike racing, before eventually become one of the world's top triathletes. He is believed to be the only American to have competed in the world championships for road, mountain bike, track, cyclocross and triathlon.

Larsen lived on and off in Bend since 1995, and made it his permanent home in 2003.

After retiring from professional competition, Larsen worked in real estate. Two years ago, he opened his own commercial real estate business in Bend.

Larsen is survived by his wife Carrie and five children.

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