LA PINE, Ore. -- A La Pine motorcyclist was arrested after a high-speed chase and an attempt to flee on foot and hide in a tree.

An Oregon State Police trooper tried to pull over the man and a passenger off U.S. 97 near La Pine about 11 p.m. for license and equipment violations. The pair sped off, said Lt. Gregg Hastings.

Troopers took off in pursuit but slowed down due to darkness. The motorcyclist went down a dirt path, leaving a plume of dust easy to follow. The couple then turned into the woods.

The troopers walked into the woods, following the tire track for about a mile and finding the motorcycle abandoned. They followed foot prints to the base of a tree where the couple was found hiding in a hunter stand.

They surrendered without incident after the 45-minute pursuit.

Chris Campbell, 30, was accused of attempted felony elude by vehicle, attempted misdemeanor elude by foot, reckless driving and recklessly endangering another person. He also had a suspended license. The woman was not arrested.

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