PHOENIX -- Early Saturday morning the world s most advanced solar-powered airplane will be arriving at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Solar Impulse will be kicking off its coast-to-coast flight across the United States on Friday morning when it departs from NASA s Moffett Field outside San Jose, Calif.

Piloted by Bertrand Piccard, the first leg of the journey will have Solar Impulse traveling south across California before heading into Arizona. The trip is expected to take 19 hours.

In the middle of May, Solar Impulse will complete the second leg of its trip when it travels to Dallas.

The plane will make stops in St. Louis and Washington, D.C., before eventually reaching New York City in early July.

Solar Impulse's trip will also help launch an initiative called the Clean Generation, which works to gather support for clean technologies.

Solar Impulse will be demonstrating its commitment to cleaner technologies by flying without using a drop of fuel.

For more information about Solar Impulse and how to join the Clean Generation movement visit

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