PORTLAND-- Last weekend's sunny weather had people talking about the driest kick-off in years to little league baseball and yes, the brightest Easter Sunday in years.

It certainly seems our weather has turned the corner.

One of the reasons last week's weather was so wet, was the cold air mass. Meaning, as temperatures tried to warm above 50 degrees, instability grew and heavy showers developed.

Rain is in our forecast as we head into mid-week, but a much warmer atmosphere will help limit the amount of rain. Wet days in the 50s or close to 60 degrees will be much more spring-like than wet days not reaching 50 degrees, according to KGWMeteorologist Rod Hill.


As for our spring report card so far, 13 days have been wet, eight have been dry, 14 days have been cooler than normal and 7 warmer. Spring has officially lasted 21 days so far, with 70 still to go before summer begins. Current forecast charts show below normal rainfall through April 25th.

Outlooks still show signs of a normal spring with slightly cool temperatures, Hill said, but keep in mind a normal spring would seem incredibly dry, compared to our last two.

At the Hollywood Fred Meyer, Debbie Schmidt said crowds of people went from Easter Sunday mass, straight to the garden center, bonnets still on and smiles a plenty last Sunday.

The Oregon Zoo had record attendance of more than 12,000 people for their Easter egg hunt, known as the Rabbit Romp.

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