SALEM -- A man who killed a mother and her child in a car wreck, escaped from the Oregon State Hospital and recaptured, was sentenced to prison Wednesday.

Matthew Ingle was free for 17 days this fall after escaping from the Salem secure mental health facility during a supervised walk with other patients.

In the weeks preceding the escape, Ingle posted with bravado on his Facebook page about his unhappiness being at the hospital.

Pam Benson, 42, and Clarice, 11, were killed in April 2009 after he ran a stop sign while high on anti-psychotic and anti-depression medication, and marijuana. He was guilty but insane on two counts of second-degree manslaughter and sentenced to 20 years. He had served about two years when he escaped.

In court Wednesday, Ingle was strapped to a wheelchair after refusing to lift himself for his appearance. He hands were shackled behind his back and and ankles were bound. He sobbed through the proceedings, at one time mouthing the words I'm sorry.

He will spend 18 months in prison and then will be moved back to the Oregon State Hospital.

Kathy Pollock, a relative of Pam Benson, was in court Wednesday. Pollock said she was pleased that Ingle would, for a time, be behind bars and unable to go on the walks that led to his escape.

It's a big relief, it's been a long couple of months since he was captured, she said. To know that he is going to be locked away is a big relief.

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