SALEM -- Protesters with the group Occupy Salem avoided being arrested Wednesday by moving out of a Salem park for the night.

At least a dozen tents had been set up in State Capitol Park since Monday, where their permit was only valid from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily, according to Chris Havel with the Oregon Dept. of Parks and Recreation.

Background: 'Occupy Salem' protest camp given extension

Oregon State Police gave protesters a verbal warning Monday night and a written warning Tuesday night to vacate the park during overnight hours, Lt Gregg Hastings said. Organizer Michelle Darr was then told Wednesday night that the group would be arrested if they stayed overnight and their ongoing daytime permit would be revoked.

The group moved their equipment out of the park soon afterward and returned Thursday morning, Havel said. Their permit remained in effect as long as they observed the rules of the park.

We haven't had any problems other than the small things, Havel told KGW Thursday afternoon. For example, tents are allowed in the park, but they can't be staked. When we talked to protesters about that they remedied the situation right away.

He said the parks department appreciates the professionalism of Salem Police and OSP, as well as the cooperation and respect of demonstrators.

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