PORTLAND -- Ten weeks ago today, Kyron Horman, 7, mysteriously disappeared from Skyline Elementary.

But with no arrest and no Kyron, the public interest in the case has reached a fevered pitch, especially on talk radio, about what happened to the boy.

I have heard nothing in regard about a ransom gone bad, gone south, said one caller on KPAM.

Another KPAM caller has a different theory.

It seems like I heard that the stepmom had a brother involved in child abuse, said the caller.

Concerned residents, along with reporters associated with the case, called in to talk about the investigation.

Former Multnomah county Sheriffs Captain Bruce McCain fielded questions for hours Friday on the case.

It's going along as smooth as it can, but we still don't know where Kyron is, said McCain.

Kyron Horman vanished June 4th and while investigators have not named a suspect, they are clearly focusing in on Kyron's stepmom Terri Moulton Horman.

By listening to callers, she is also the focus of public suspicion.

Caller: We don't know if she actually took him to school, do we?

Host: She said she did

Caller: We can't believe her.

The Multnomah County grand jury on the case did not meet Friday, but they've heard from everyone from the Skyline principal to Terri Horman's landscaper.

It's unclear how long they will meet on this case. With each day that goes by, more theories emerge from armchair detectives on what happened to little Kyron Horman.

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