HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A man who placed a tiny motion-activated camera in a Starbucks bathroom was found guilty on Tuesday of eight counts of invasion of privacy and two counts of attempted invasion of privacy, according to Sherwood police.

Richard E. Ipsen, 59, of Tualatin turned himself in to authorities in June after a camera, disguised as an AC power adapter, was discovered plugged into a bathroom wall at a Sherwood Starbucks.

Ipsen had placed the camera inside the restroom on May 1st, 2013, according to Sherwood police. It was discovered about three weeks later by a Starbucks employee and handed over to police.

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Sherwood police credited media reports for Ipsen's arrest.

Police also learned there were additional crimes and victims in Bend, Ore., which involved guests at the suspect's home.

Ipsen will be sentenced on April 2nd.

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