TROUTDALE, Ore. -- Police and witnesses used words like distant, confused and rattled to describe Kyle Peterson minutes before he disappeared from the scene of a car crash Monday night.

The 29-year-old man crashed his SUV against a gaurdrail, walked away from a police officer and into the woods and hasn't been seen since.

A police report obtained by KGW say Peterson admitted he was looking at his cell phone before he smashed his Jeep into a guardrail on Southeast Stark near 35th Street.

Peterson's mother describes her son as depressed as of late. She said he wanted to quit his job, move away and sometimes had emotional issues, documents say.

But Peterson s roommate said he was in a fine mood when he got home from work on February 24th.

Troutdale Police said Peterson was alone in his Jeep around 8:15pm, when he slammed into a guardrail.

When the officer arrived and checked the man's license, Peterson suddenly put his vehicle into reverse again, revving the engine and scaring the officer, who ordered him to stop, documents say.

Peterson eventually got out of the vehicle. The officer approached him, but when he turned to avoid tripping over a log, Peterson casually walked away into the woods, and wouldn't stop when called, according to the report.

Paul Houck heard the crash and called 911. He watched the entire thing from his window.

We saw the police arrive and the officer went over and looked in the car and talked to him, Houck said Friday. He (Peterson) got out and as the officer was looking around the car, he wandered off.

A police dog tracked Peterson's scent down the embankment toward the Sandy River, but no clues have turned up.

If water levels change, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office might search the river again.


Nina Mehlhaf contributed to this report

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