PORTLAND - Even without her Hexenbiest powers, Grimm s character Adalind Schade is still finding a way to wreak havoc in the lives of everyone around her.

She comes back to Portland, ready to avenge her mother s death. But there is a softer side to the actress who plays the sexy vixen.

Claire Coffee is more reserved and lot a nicer than the character she portrays on TV. But playing Adalind has been the highlight of her career.

It s so much fun to play someone so confident and so sexy and so comfortable using all of that, Coffee said.

The actress was recently named a regular on Grimm. It came as a surprise to her, because she thought the writers were going to kill her off.

I knew I was coming out for a couple more episodes, and I just assumed this would be my great send-off, my death march in fantastic Grimm style.

But she s sticking around, at least for awhile. And now that she s spending more time in Portland, Coffee says she is exploring more of the Rose City s growing food scene.

Every week, it feels like there s a new restaurant popping up, she said. Or some new cured meat station that I need to hit so I m in heaven.

And the actress would love to hear where you like to dine. Coffee says send her your suggestions on Twitter. She loves cheese, meat and of course, chocolate.

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