PORTLAND -- A spray paint can placed in an oven for warming exploded, sending it out the partially open door and into an attic space.

Fire fighters were dispatched to a report of a fire about 5 p.m. Tuesday evening at 4720 SE 72nd Ave., said bureau spokesman Gabriel Watson.

Arriving crews saw no flames, but learned of the improbable, but possible occurrence of what's called a BLEVE, or Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion.

The woman who lived in the home had placed spray paint cans in the oven to warm them for use in cold weather, leaving the oven door slightly open, Watson said.

She had taken some interior closet doors outside to paint, Watson told KGW. Cooler temperatures change the viscosity of the paint, he said. She wanted to warm them so the spray paint flowed freely.

One of the cans exploded, sending it rocketing toward the ceiling. Firefighters found it in an attic space among smoldering debris. Kitchen flames had already put out by her by the time fire fighters arrived.

Portland Fire and Rescue reminds everybody that while commonly available, products stored under pressure can pose a serious danger when exposed to any heat source or flame, Watson said. Users of such products must follow all printed safety warnings, labels, and directions. Only use these products in accordance with their intended purpose.

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