PORTLAND -- A Portland activist is calling out the mayor and wants to know what he plans to do to stop a string of gang-related shootings.

The latest gunfire broke out earl Friday morning when a Portland man, 39, was shot in the face near Interstate and Skidmore.

A task force met to address the ongoing problem later Friday, but one person was missing.

Where's the mayor? Where's the mayor when this community is struggling to keep a lid on violence? said community activist John Canda.

Canda said the mayor seems more interested in arts, bikes and Last Thursday festivals.

Mayor Sam Adams did send staffers, but said he had a full agenda on his calendar Friday.

Ironically I was at a city-funded program for ninth grade teenagers that helps get them excited and keep them out of any vulnerability, said Mayor Adams, I don't think John Canda has participated in any of the activities. He has a different view of things.

He told NewsChannel 8 that he didn't want to respond to Canda's comments and that it will further divide the community.

The Mayor says his focus is to get illegal firearms off the streets and give teenagers a better option than gangs.

I can tell you the mayor is very engaged, said Assistant Police Chief Eric Hendricks. I've talked with the mayor and his aides . . . He's interested, engaged, and involved.

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