HILLSBORO, Ore. -- It s not technically smoking, it s vaping. The FDA has not yet started regulating it. And there s no consensus right now about its health effects.

Still, the City of Hillsboro is a step closer to banning e-cigarettes from its public parks.

I think one of the concerns is we aren t sure how long [researching it] might take and if there are harmful effects, there could be impacts on individuals that we could have prevented, had we had the ban in place, said Ken Pipher of Hillsboro Parks and Recreation.

Tuesday night, the city council voted 5-1 in favor of an e-cigarette ban in Hillsboro parks. The council will hold a final vote July 1st.

If it passes, Hillsboro will join Forest Grove and Corvallis which both enacted recent bans that go even further in limiting vaping. New York City and Los Angeles now treat e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes.

Just one person made a public comment in front of the council Tuesday.

A former nurse and ex-smoker said she formed the Oregon Vapor Advocacy group to protect people who left cigarettes behind for what she sees as a healthier alternative.

I believe putting [vaping] in a negative light is doing a disservice and potentially may be encouraging someone to make a choice to continue smoking instead of quitting, said Tomi Devereaux.

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