PORTLAND A soldier just back from Afghanistan surprised his Blazer-fan mom with a unexpected reunion at the Moda Center Monday night.

Since his third deployment to Afghanistan, Glenn Furukawa s mom, Sharon Wagner, hadn t seen her son in over a year.

Wagner was at the Blazers game as part of a tribute to military families, sponsored by the group Seats for Service, unaware that her son was actually in the building.

But her evening went well beyond a good seat at the game when a spotlight shown near her section and her son walked out to surprise her with a hug.

He's a wonderful boy, she said. Sometimes I don't feel like I deserve him

The only downside of the amazing surprise: Wagner felt bad that she didn t get a chance to clean the house for a proper welcome home.

The Blazers lost the game in the final seconds, but the family came away with that winning moment.

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