LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. High winds took out trees and power lines Tuesday morning, leaving debris and damage behind and even halting a MAXtrain for a time.

KGW Meteorologist Nick Allard said east winds hit hard Monday night and they will stay fairly strong through Tuesday evening.

Today we ll see gusts in the 60-70 mph range in the typical Columbia River Gorge trouble spots and in East County, he said. Expect breezy to windy conditions for the east side of the metro area continuing.

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The wind already caused damage in Lake Oswego Tuesday. A large Douglas Fir was blown over and crushed a Lexus SUV near the intersection of Lake Grove and Reese Roads. The car was parked at the time and no one was hurt. (See photo above.)

Jessica Bourke was opening a chiropractic office and saw the tree come crashing down.

You hear some cracking outside, and kept looking outside, nothing. Then probably about 5 minutes after that, I looked out the window and saw it fall in slow motion, it was kind of shocking, she said.

A tree also fell across Highway 43, about 1000 feet south of the Sellwood Bridge Tuesday. It took out power lines, but no injuries were reported. The highway was reopened after the power lines were cleared.

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Elsewhere, a van traveling along Highway 99 in Milwaukie was hit by a huge tree branch that blew down in the storm. The branch pierced a hole through the van's windshield (see photo below) but amazingly, no one was seriously hurt.

Officials with the Oregon Department of Transportation said they were sweeping the area to see if any other trees are in danger of falling soon.

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