GRESHAM,Ore -- Instead of getting to play with their toys or enjoy time off from work, some people in Gresham were having to get their cars fixed Thursday after a rash of break-ins.

Thieves hit at least a half-dozen cars in apartment complex parking lots on southeast Division Street, between 174th and 182nd Avenue. Virginia Seals was one of the people who woke up to find her car window smashed.

The break-ins happened sometime early Christmas morning, at Seals apartment complex and one across the street.

Seals said the crooks took tools, a jacket, and worst of all -- a set of fuzzy dice, a gift from her late daughter.

A lot of people got hit, she said. How could someone do that to any of these cars

The fuzzy dice had been hanging from Seals' rear-view mirror and they meant a lot.

It's kind of pathetic, said a neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous. The guy's got to be a real loser or jerk.

Seals is on a fixed income. She has no idea how she will repair the damage to her car. But most of all, she's upset over the missing dice.

That's pretty upsetting to me and my granddaughter, said Seals.

The Gresham Police Department is investigating.

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