PORTLAND -- For thousands of federal employees in Oregon the government shutdown isn't just politics, It is personal.

That's because it means that many workers are not getting paid.

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Latest on government shutdown

Work will keep piling up. Emails will go unanswered. Phone calls will go unanswered. And we'll try to catch up when we get back, said Paul Koprowski of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Koprowski is one of many furloughed federal workers in the EPA's Portland Office.

The doors were locked at several federal offices in Portland including the Department of Interior, USDA, GSA and EPA.

Oregon national park Crater Lake was closed. Rangers also shut down Fort Vancouver. We're optimistic that we're going to be back and the serving the public, said Park Ranger Robert Gutierrez.

The Oregon Employment Department reports that there are 27,700 federal employees in the state. The department was anticipating 5,000 to 6,000 federal employees will apply for unemployment as a result of the government shutdown. Those employees will have to be out of a job and waiting for at least a week before they can receive any benefits.

Anyone who wants to file a claim a few options on how to do it. They can go online to the Oregon Employment website or they can call in to file a claim.

We expect all unemployment insurance claimants to be able, available and actively seeking work, explained Tom fuller, with the Oregon Employment Department. They're going to have to look for other jobs and if they're offered other jobs, they're going to have to take them, even though they're hoping at least that the federal government will open back up for business here shortly.

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