PORTLAND A polar bear at the Oregon Zoo is helping researchers collect data about the species.

Normally, polar bears have to be sedated in the wild before a collar is put on. But Tasul has been trained to have the collar put on her.

The collar tracks every movement Tasul makes, helping the U.S. Geological Survey learn more about polar bears.

We can start really identifying how much time the bear is spending walking, how much time the bear is spending resting, said Anthony Pagano of the U.S. Geological Survey. All the sorts of detailed behaviors that we're not able to get by a simple GPS location.

Tasul will wear the collar twice a day for an hour at a time, according to a Amy Cutting, an animal curator at the Oregon Zoo.

We feel strongly that part of the animal's purpose here is not just to educate people about polar bears, but also to help contribute to learning more about them, especially with a rapidly changing arctic, Cutting said.

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