PORTLAND -- Portland's Pearl District was ranked No. 5 on a Forbes list of America's Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods.

The neighborhood, currently hosting MTV s latest edition of 'The Real World,' is No. 5 on our list thanks to its intense caffeination (it has the second-highest concentration of coffee shops of neighborhoods on our list), a flourishing foodie culture, and a colorful collection of art spaces, said Forbes business writer Morgan Brennan.

Brennan noted that the rising cost of living in the Pearl District has some hipsters fleeing to the Alberta and Mississippi areas.

The survey rated 250 neighborhoods based on walkability, the number of coffee shops, food carts and farmers markets per capita, and the number of residents with artistic occupations.

Number one on the list was Los Angeles Silver Lake, followed by San Francisco s Mission District, the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, and Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.

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