PORTLAND, Ore. -- With a midnight Saturday deadline for vacating two Portland parks, and a potential clash looming between OccupyPortland protesters and Portland Police, one downtown Portland store saw an uptick in sales of gas masks.

Andy and Bax Sporting goods had sold five gas masks by noon Saturday; it's an item they don't normally sell every day. They assume it s because of Occupy Portland.

A lot of people when they come in and ask, 'Do you have gas masks?' and I show them what we have, then they ask in depth questions like, 'Do they stop tear gas?' and stuff like that and my answer is they are novelty use only, but they're old military gas masks and their old function was to stop tear gas and things like that, Jay Pekelder with Andy & Bax told KGW.

Prior to Mayor Adams' park eviction notice, people were buying other supplies like gloves and wool blankets, according to Pekelder.


KGWReporter Jacqueline Sit contributed to this report.

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