PORTLAND -- Mayor Sam Adams has created a Web site that lists anti-gang efforts in Portland and calls out for volunteers to help combat the problem.

Since the beginning of the year, we are investigating 40 gang-related shootings and an additional three gang-related homicides, Adams wrote on the site. Though Portland is nowhere near seeing the sky-high gang violence numbers of the mid-90s, which peaked in 1997 with 13 gang-related homicides, the recent trend of increased gang violence is unacceptable, and demands our full attention.

The Web site includes links to the Crime Stoppers program, and smart phone apps for a tip line that offers rewards for information leading to arrests.

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The mayor also outlines efforts he and others have made for stiffer gang prosecutions and gang outreach efforts.

On the Web site, Adams laments cutbacks in anti-gang efforts by police leadership made nearly four years ago despite my objections.

The Web site does not mention that Adams chose not to be police commissioner when elected mayor in 2008. He handed the job to Commissioner Dan Saltzman, taking over the bureau in May 2010, after he let Sizer and Saltzman go and hired Chief Mike Reese.

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In the past year as police commissioner, with the community, other government partners, and Chief Mike Reese and the Portland Police Bureau, we have acted swiftly to address the gang violence problem, Adams said on his new anti-gang Web site.

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