PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- The woman who was sexually abused at age 14 by Neil Goldschmidt when he was Portland mayor in the 1970s has died at a Portland hospice, the Oregonian reported Tuesday.

The newspaper said the 49-year-old woman died Sunday after being seriously ill for at least 18 months. Her mother declined to identify the cause of death but said her daughter had been in the hospice for about five weeks.

Goldschmidt's political career vanished when he admitted in 2004 to sexually abusing a girl from the time she was 14 to 17, when he served as mayor.

The statute of limitations at the time barred prosecution more than three years after the commission of a crime. Goldschmidt was elected to the Portland City Council in 1970 before becoming mayor. He also served as U.S. Transportation Secretary in 1979 under Pres. Jimmy Carter and was elected governor of Oregon for one term before using his power as a lobbyist and business consultant.

Information from: The Oregonian

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