It's not easy meeting Mr. Right or Ms. Right.

Mike Marum, 56, struck gold when he signed up for the Great Expectations Dating Service in 1989.

I met my future wife, Said Marum.

She was a wonderful person. I never expected I'd ever need a membership with the organization again. Said Marum.

But tragedy struck.

I lost her in an auto accident 10 years ago, Said Marum.

It's been tough. My daughter was six and I've been a single parent. It's tough growing up without a mom.

Mike found himself found on the dating scene.

In 2007, he signed up for the Great Expectation dating service again.

This time, he agreed to a $3,900 fee.

That was three times what it was back in 1989, Said Marum. They guaranteed me satisfaction.

At first, it was great.

But just a few months later, he couldn't reach anyone at the dating service.

All of a sudden everything was closed. The Internet access didn't exist and they didn't answer their phones.

Last July, Mike was able to talk to a living breathing person on the phone.

They told him they had switched management and would call him back.

And they never did.

Lisa Harp, 42, also signed onto Great Expectations dating service in September 2007.

She claims she was promised single professional men her age.

She also has a son, so she had some safety concerns.

They said they do a thorough background check

But when she went to group events, she was disappointed.

I went to dinner at the Greek Cuisina and sat next to a man who's my grandfather's age. Charming man, if I was 61 years old, but you've got to be kidding me?

She claims the dates got progressively worse, when she started dating married men.

We went for lunch and he says my divorce will be final in a few months. I was floored. It's against my values to date someone who is married. Harp said.

She claims when she complained that the managers got nasty.

I'm really angry, Said Harp, I'm really angry that in order to expose them, I have to expose myself.

Great Expectations has 16 complaints filed against them in the past 36 months.

The Oregon Attorney Generals office has an open investigation into the company, even though Great Expectations has new management.

But in Mike and Lisa's contract, it never promises a guarantee and it doesn't honor verbal promises.

We went to the company's business address, but we're told we had to speak with their corporate office. We called Great Expectations three times and sent an email when we finally heard from their attorney.

He tells NewsChannel 8 While the current owner is bound to perform pursuant to the membership agreements entered into by the center prior to the current owner's purchase, we think it's profoundly unfair to blame the current owner for the alleged inappropriate acts over which the current owner has no control, Said David Barrett, Great Expectation's attorney. Channel 8

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