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PORTLAND, Ore. -- Beau Breedlove doesn't have kind words for his former lover. His view of things changed on June 22, when Oregon Attorney General John Kroger released a report clearing Mayor Sam Adams of any criminal wrongdoing.

Beau Breedlove speaks out

Breedlove, according to the report, had little credibility because of a shoplifting conviction in Hawaii and a photo spread he did for the gay magazine Unzipped.

The final report never mentioned Adams' credibility.

Adams has admittedly to lying repeatedly about his relationship with Breedlove.

Adams was under investigation for allegations he may have kissed Breedlove before he was 18, and whether any he had committed any crimes in his subsequent cover-up of the affair.

Breedlove continues to insist that he and Adams kissed in a City Hall bathroom during a 2005 First Thursday celebration.

"My best recollection is a security guard walked in right when we were finished. It was one of those situations when you panic because you know you've been caught," Breedlove said.

Breedlove was disappointed that Adams never "came clean." By continuing to deny that the kiss occurred, Breedlove was left looking the dishonest one.

"It really upsets me (that Adams denied it). It's just lie after lie after lie until we're at the end of the bowl and the last person to be burned from the situation is me," Breedlove said.

Adams told investigators he didn't recall what happened in the bathroom. He told KGW nothing happened.

Breedlove's accusations run deeper.

He accuses Mayor Adams of trying to mislead investigators by covering up phone calls the two had during the investigation.

"He would send me a random text message, like, 'I hope that you made up with your boyfriend,' when the conversation was nothing about that. At the time, I thought it was fine because he was trying to protect himself," Breedlove said.

KGW attempted to contact Mayor Adams repeatedly to respond to Breedlove's new allegations. The mayor's office would not return calls.

Breedlove also alleged that Kroger's office never called witnesses to back up his story.

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