PORTLAND-- TriMet is about to begin testing an all-electric 40-foot bus on transit routes throughout the district.

The test bus has been provided to TriMet free of charge, by manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) Motors, Inc. If TriMet likes the zero-emissions bus, it will be available for purchase through a new Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant program in the near future.

One big factor in the test runs will be watching how the bus operates on Portland's many hills.

This is a welcomed and exciting opportunity to test an environmentally-friendly bus on TriMet routes, said TriMet Interim Deputy General Manager Bob Nelson. Our region is relying more and more on renewable sources of electricity. As an agency, we are exploring a variety of more fuel-efficient options as the environmental benefits are expected to increase over time.

The bus will run on various routes, adding trips between regular service, Monday through Friday, beginning June 23 and running through the first week of July. The bus will not have a farebox or ticket printer, so passengers will get to ride for free.

BYD touts their all-electric bus as clean, silent and efficient, using the industry s first environmentally-friendly, fire-safe battery chemistry.

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