MCMINNVILLE -- Trey Chiu came home to find a burglar inside his house. The guy had two backpacks full of stuff and Chiu's bike. Determined not to let the guy run,Chiu chased him through the house and onto the deck.

He's teetering over the edgelikea gargoyle orBatman or something, said Chiu. I pushed him off.

Chiu jumped right after him. The two started to fight in the prickly bushes below.

We're on the ground and I'm hitting him and he reaches in his back pocket for something, said Chiu. He pulls out a screwdriver.

Afraid the man would stab him, Chiu let him go. He disappeared into the woods.

Definitely not the way Iexpected to spend myThursday afternoon or start my summer like this.

Chiu and some roommates had just moved in. The burglar ransacked several rooms. He took some jewelry, a passport, toiletries, and some food. He even tried to get away with a diploma.

It's just weird thinking this random, probably smelly, guy was walking around our house, said Chiu.

As unsettling as it is, Chiu knows things could have ended a lot differently. Walking away with a shiner and some scratches is not too bad.

We're probably going to set up some cameras, said Chiu. I'll put signs out there.

If you know anything about this case you are urged to call the McMinnville Police Department.

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