PORTLAND -- Federal drug agents raided a home near Northeast 108th Avenue and Knott Street early Wednesday morning, seizing heroin, marijuana and cash.

Neighbors were startled to hear flash bang grenades about 6 a.m. Police used the explosives to distract tenants as they rushed the property. Dogs searched the driveway and garage.

Police took tenant Jorge Alberto Felix into custody on unspecified accusations.

That'll be the third house in our neighborhood that's gone down for drugs, Joan Lambert told KGW.

The house had been under surveillance by drug agents the U.S. Attorney's office said the investigation was ongoing.

The owner of the house, who only wished to go by his first name Frank, was surprised both by the alleged drug dealing and the impact on his rental.

He allowed KGW inside the home to show broken door frames and areas where police had tossed rooms. He feared loss of rental income from tenants, including Felix, whose children played with his own.

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