PORTLAND -- Hashtags are now the universal conversation connection on all types of social media. And that allows what's called 'In The Moment Marking for all types of products on TV.

Portland-based company Chirpify has implemented 'action hashtag' technology that is making it possible.

You'll start seeing them more during TV commercials. Viewers using an action hashtag get an almost instant response from the company with information on how to buy or sample a product.

We're empowering consumers and the fact that you're walking around with a phone in your pocket -- you can respond to anything you see, said Kevin Tate, Chief Revenue Officer of Chirpify.

Oreo first tried an action hashtag during the 2014 Grammys. Twenty thousand people responded and were sent a sample box of new flavors.

Chirpify says it expects to see more action hashtags, especially during live events.

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