PORTLAND-- Portland's Water House, the energy efficient demonstration home that was built by the Portland Water Bureau at a cost of $940,000, has been sold for $395,000 according to a media report.

The Willamette Week reported Friday that Water Bureau Commissioner Nick Fish had instructed his staff to Sell the goddamned Water House.

A Portland couple Claudio and Keyla Vasquez bought the property, according to the Willamette Week.

Fish announced in August of last year that he would sell the house at a $500,000 loss. Fish originally put the house on the market for $475,000.

Background: Water bureau to sell house at loss

The Water House, at 1616 NE 140th Avenue, was built on vacant surplus property to illustrate green building techniques. More than 40 local partners and sponsors worked on the project.

The controversial building along with skyrocketing water rates has prompted public backlash against the Water Bureau and fueled a movement to spin off the agency into an independent authority.

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Water Bureau officials in 2011 estimated the building would cost $200,000 and had hoped to sell it for $400,000.

The Water House came under fire when an audit revealed the water bureau was using customer payments to fund its construction. City code states that those payments can only be used for water and sewer services. The audit also found that City Council never approved the spending, which at that point had already reached an estimated $700,000.

Fish has stated he would use the money from the sale of the project to help stabilize water rates.

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