ROSEBURG, Ore. State Troopers busted a woman for DUII after she tailed drivers and flew past other cars on the shoulder of Interstate 5 near Roseburg at speeds over 100 mph Saturday, police said.

Around 1 p.m., police were bombarded with calls from drivers about a green 2000 Honda Accord that was reportedly driving wildly northbound on the interstate near milepost 144, said Lt. Gregg Hastings with Oregon State Police.

Two Fish & Wildlife troopers set up near Sutherlin and waited for the car to draw near. The troopers then spotted the vehicle aggressively speeding through traffic, Hastings said.

The troopers gave chase but had trouble keeping the car in sight because the driver was recklessly careening through traffic. The car was eventually blocked by a big-rig and an RV giving the troopers time to catch up and stop the driver without incident, Hastings said.

Behind the wheel was 34-year-old Terra McCormick of Eugene, Hastings said. Police then searched the car and found four syringes filled with what they think is heroin.

Two witnesses also pulled over and gave statements to police about how frightened they were. Other drivers slowed down as they drove past cheering and pumping their fists in the air celebrating the troopers stopping the car, Hastings said.

McCormick was booked in the Douglas County Jail on charges of DUII, reckless driving, unlawful possession of a controlled substance, refusing a breath test, exceeding the speed limit in excess of 100 mph, possession of an open container of alcohol and driving while suspended.

Both troopers said the incident was the worst driving they had ever witnessed and were thankful so many people called police.

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