GRESHAM, Ore. -- A Gresham woman arrested for falsely reporting her daughter missing has been accused of seeking help online to take the girl away from her father.

Sara Lea Edmond was charged with child neglect and filing a false report after she called 911 Saturday to say her 6-year-old daughter had been missing for 30 minutes, said Gresham police Lt. Claudio Grandjean. The girl was found safe with Edmond inside a Northeast Portland hotel room early Sunday morning.

Background: Missing Gresham girl found safe after FBI search

Investigators at the time said Edmond's actions might have been motivated by a custody dispute, and court documents released Tuesday allege that she reached out on Craigslist for help hiding the girl and moving her out-of-state.

Edmond told police that she had conceived of the plot to hide her daughter because of a recent custody evaluation that she feared would give the child s father full custody, the probable cause document reads. She told police she had recently solicited help via Craigslist to secret her daughter in hiding then move her out of the state in order to keep her from her father.

The statement adds that Edmonds made contact with a respondent in New York, but ultimately decided on a different plan. It also accuses her of admitting to police she had planted a pair of her daughter s pink shoes on the ground to bolster the idea the child had gone missing.

Edmonds faces ten charges, including attempted custodial interference, child neglect and tampering with evidence. Her next court appearance was scheduled for April 23.

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