PORTLAND - Portland likes it local, natural, and organic. It's why New Seasons Markets succeeds
and is expanding, thanks large part to it's CEO, Lisa Sedlar.

But after seven years of leading Portland's home grown grocery stores, it's time to begin a new season of her own.

Sedlar is taking what's made New Seasons a success and wants to change the concept of the quickie mart.

It's a tough decision, it's hard to say, I'm moving on, she said. I feel like a healthy convenience store just seems like a natural thing to do, said Sedlar. Honestly, the reason I have to it right now is, because someone else is going to take this idea so I got to get it to market first, she said.

It's an idea Seder's nurtured for a decade when she lived in Boulder, Colorado.

I'd watch all the college kids go the mini-mart that was attached to gas station. There weren't any healthy food options, she pointed out.

Lisa's goodbye to New Seasons comes as the company continues in growth mode. It has 2,400 employees, 12 stores, and two in progress.

There's a risk factor for sure, every entrepreneur feels that, a little bit of that ... in their belly, said Sedlar.

The chairman of the board of New Seasons loves her idea.

They said we want to be your first investor, so that's helping me get it off the ground .

The first, yet-to-be-named store will open within a year, two more the following year. And while it will be a healthier alternative, Lisa said she might even serve Slurpees.

I think I'm going to do Kubachi Slurpees, she said.

Lisa's last day as CEO of New Seasons market is November 2nd.

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